Al-Amin Ethics Institute

Who We Are

Al-Amin Ethics Institute will establish a universal platform for Muslim professionals to benefit directly from the ʿĀlim in bringing forward the timeless wisdom of Al-Amīn (a known title of the Prophet Muḥammad ﷺ) through the legacy of his noble Ṣaḥābah (may Allah be pleased with all of them). 

  • built upon the Qāsimiyy foundations of Darul Qasim College
  • promoting an Islamic ethical framework based on an uṣūlī (principles-based) approach built from a traditional Sunnī Māturīdī foundation
  • cultivating individual professional responsibility by promoting the common good (maʿrūf) and discouraging evil (munkar) upon the proven framework of Islamic civilizational values

The Cohesion Conference

August 10, 2024

Hosted by Al-Amin Ethics Institute at the Darul Qasim Hoffman Estates Location.


  • Upcoming Ethics conference in April; date and venue TBA
  • Al-Amin Ethics to partner with Darul Qasim in offering a Muslim Academic Revival Series program. Details TBA.